Hegarty's Florist Collective Court Report

Operational Brands: "Florist Collective" | "Ready Flowers" | "zFlowers" | "EasyFlowers.com"

gets sued for $745,000 for defamation

The Statement of Claim alleges to the District Court Brisbane that :

Globe Valley Pty Ltd | Peter Hegarty | Deborah Hegarty | Thomas Hegarty | Sebastian Hegarty | Sheli Bowman

are responsible for no less than 115,596,000 false and defamatory publications regarding the Plaintiff.

It is also alleged to the Court that there are approximately 30,710 false or misleading predominantly 5 Star Reviews of zFlowers, which relate to a propensity for untruths.

When genius Thomas Hegarty was requested to remove the defamatory content, he replied by email:

“I'm not going to take anything down ... you can just go fuck yourself”



With massive amounts of complaints amongst consumers and florists, together with numerous negative media reports and a CONSUMER ALERT IN THE AUSTRALIAN SENATE naming Thomas, Peter and Deborah Hegarty, this is arguably the most hated collective of fake florists in Australia.

If you have arrived at this page after following a link to pages that relate to zFlowers, Ready Flowers, Consumer Protection, ACCC Report or others,
that is because one or more of the defendants listed below has choosen to make bogus claims to
Australian and USA hosting providers of this and other websites causing the websites to be suspended.
Accordingly all those websites land here until an Application to the Court UNDER THIS PREVIOUS MATTER can be made for an injunction to halt this conduct.
There is more information below.

 Hegarty's on the run

Thomas Hegarty, Sebastian Hegarty and also Sheli Bowman
please contact the Plaintiff via the Contact Facility at the bottom of this page.

SOME HILARITY Deborah Hegarty was served at 18 Downey Drive Manning in Perth after Peter Hegarty told my process server that he didn't know where she was. In fact she was hiding out at number 18 in the kitchen or somewhere else in the house and refusing to answer the door. When inticed out by a person that wanted to buy Tom's car in the driveway, she told him her name was Deb, then while nervousely looking up and down the street she spotted my process server approaching. This is when the poor old girl lost her memory. While standing on the front lawn at number 18 she asked the car purchaser (a stranger) to tell the process server that her name was Felicity. When asked by my process server if this was number 18, she said "No". When my process server then said to her "Are you Deborah Hegarty?", she replied "No". Anyhow, my process server being used to this type of hilarious and dishonest conduct, managed to identify her and make service on Deb / Felicity / Deborah, who then rushed off back inside.

While chasing Deborah Hegarty down adds to the expense of process serving, it is worth it because it adds to the evidence of a Hegarty propensity for untruths, to be put before the Court.

While Thomas Hegarty ducks and dives around Perth WA avoiding my process server, and Peter Hegarty on being served, apparently having no idea of where Thomas, Sebastian or his wife Deborah is, it has been revealed that Peter Hegarty (by obtaining a copy of his email) has been making misleading representations to hosting providers regarding this and my other websites, causing the websites to be suspended and myself to be blacklisted.

Hegarty has been sending out an old Court Order which prohibited me describing him or Ready Flowers (Liquidated) as one particular deregatory term (which happens to be accurate), however Judge Butler at the time just wanted to pacify Hegarty's lawyer. So I am allowed to call him what I like just not that particular term.

HEGARTY, if you think I am in Contempt of Court, go to the Court and complain, instead of sneaking around behind my back spreading fear, innuendo and other crap.

(UPDATE) Hegarty has come out from under his rock in the middle of the night on 2 February 2018 to complain to my last hosting provider in the USA.
He says he wants my websites down to maximise his profits for the upcoming Valentines Day.
Check out the Product Reviews at the bottom of this page and see if you would order your Valentine's Day flowers from any of these people.

Hegarty's Florist Collective are being sued for their defamation of me which has lasted for nearly 3 years and told me to fuck off (as per above) when I complained. Now as Karma comes around it's squeal, squeal, squeal, by a family that just can't seem to comprehend their wrongdoings or face up to what they are responsible for.

As said above 115,596,000 false and defamatory publications over almost 3 years.
Now instead of manning up to their conduct, Peter Hegarty lost his memory of where his family is (despite THIS regarding TOM ), Deborah Hegarty (Felicity) also lost her memory, Tom ducks and dives arount Perth avoiding the Process Server, while Sebastian Hegarty being IT Infrastructure Manager for Peter and Tom Hegarty's ONSAVII business, it's not known where he is, all while Sheli Bowman hides out in Hong Kong.

See how many complaints the Florist Collective gathered at ACCC while operating Ready Flowers and zFlowers:
ACCC Freedom of Information request for information on consumer and business complaints regarding Ready Flowers and zFlowers.
ACCC says:
"2,664 pages of material and over 47 hours of staff time.... in addition..... 1,371 hours of staff time.... if one person were were dedicated to processing FOI request, working 5 days a week, the person would require 38 weeks to complete the request...."


ASIC SEARCH for Hegarty's Globe Valley Pty Ltd - 18/01/2018

Up until 24 January 2018
Thomas Hegarty described himself as the Managing Director of the zFlowers business,
Sheli Bowman was described as the Creative Director.
Since receiving notice of being sued, these names have been removed from the zFlowers About Us page.
(the above SS Hegarty image is not only relevant to the Company Search, where 2 Directors resigned in November 2017,
it is also relevant to Thomas Hegarty and Sheli Bowman)

TOO LATE... these facts have been archived for evidence to the Court.



There are many media reports about the Hegarty's, but this
Sydney Morning Herald report
provides some recent information on their operations.
Visit zFlowers Sucks for some more history.



Ready Flowers (Liquidated)

Well over 100 Florists remain UNPAID by the Hegarty's HERE

54 Bad, Bad, Bad and 3 Five Star Fakes

Regarding what Easy Flowers says about Hegarty's trading on "easyflowers" Trade Mark name:

FloristCollective.Report is registered to Gordon Craven - The Plaintiff